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Sep. 12th, 2008

set me freee

Random Thought

The sun has been hiding behind the clouds these days. The clouds have been kind with its showers .The city looks all moist with fresh dew on the leaves and the trees. I like it this way .In fact I have an unreasonable fatigue under the sun. I wonder if I am born to survive without the vitamin D. whatever the reason is! I am happy there is more rain.The colour blue , yeah the one which is predominant when it rains has a lot of depth.

Aug. 1st, 2008


I have been here in Moon-Light

I have been here in the Moon-Light
I have been here in the Day
I have been here in the Darks Night
And the Stream was still roaring away.
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Jul. 6th, 2008

set me freee

yooodleeee oooooo

I am mildly averse to thinking for a long time. May be it is because of homo sapiens like me that the development in more than one fields of our lives has been experiencing a lag. Well I cant help it. I am lazy and am quite comfortable about this state of mind. The comfort level that I had established with this state of mind has had roots from childhood. I shall not travel along that time turner now. Its simply waste of time and energy. I think that the moment I think in one way and before I try to postulate and give it a template I encounter a mental counter argument which compels me to scrape my previous attempt. Stuck in this vicious circle of complex emotions(complex sounds phony man!)I continue to survive


I was laughing and smiling at the same time. I do not know what this emotion is called. It is powerful, overwhelming and almost delirious in a way that it compelled me to script it .As I controlled my sneeze with a dry tissue, I saw the names of the cast and crew roll up. I was watching the “The Dead Poet’s Society”. While I saw this amazing movie and sat down to think, many a questions popped up in my head. The most prominent of it being the compelling need for acceptance. It was followed up quickly with another interrogative remark that in the race of being one among the crowd why does one have to loose one’s voice.

Jun. 11th, 2008



I wonder what is it about FREEDOM that I am deeply drawn to it every time I turn and walk away. I am also not really clear after repeated quests in finding its trails left by various acquaintances that made me meet the concept in question. I wonder why freedom is bound by the parapet walls from where I see it. They are low lying walls but there were boundaries in flesh. In flesh when I say, I am referring to the people who form the society. Its like a dynamic web page which compels one to transform to the structure laid out by the underlying code. One must mould if one intends to survive in the suffocating layers of life. Then there are these seasons of emotions which come and leave in succession in no particular order. I hope they are thread safe. If we are instances of some class that is class human. Is the source code alterable? Where do I find my virtual machine to make my life platform independent? Knowledge is very comforting in a way it shows you the code of your life so that you can live with it or alter it if you have the right understanding. In that level I think everybody has the ability to transform their code of conduct to suit their interest.

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